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The Company

Royal Group of companies is one such company which began as a vision of the future and an adapting, ever-changing companion to every customer ever since and is now a trail-blazer for everyone to follow. Our company emphasizes on excellence in design, consistency in performance, precision in quality and commitment to durability. Royal Expo is in the business since twenty three years and was established with the aim of maintaining best quality and to be punctual & the unique designs in the Ceramic with combination of Wood & Iron. The commitment to quality enables the company to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Royal Expo itself has its big group of companies, which contains 5 companies in it, & those are:

  • Royal International
  • Royal Ceramic Industries
  • Royal Oveseas
  • Royal Packaging
  • Gall & Zick (India)


Here is a basic detail of What we have and How we Work...

Royal Overseas (Wooden)

For Wooden Manufacturing we have our :
• Seasoning Plant [2 Chambers]
• Treatment Plant
• Total In-house Manufacturing of Wooden

Royal Overseas (Iron)

Total Complete Plant For Iron Manufacturing Unit.

Royal Packaging

Complete Plant For Packaging.
Corrugation & etc.
All In House Unit.

Other important machines which we use:

• Grinding Ball-Mill – 5 (3 for clay and 2 for color mixing)
• Filter Press – 32 Plate 18X18
• Pug Mill – 600 Kg capacity
• Jigar Joli – 6 Types each of 1HP (using for different purpose)
• Mixer – 10X4 Ton
• Compressor – 3 HP
• Furnace I 100 FT – PNG of 3HP
• Furnace II 100 FT – PNG of 3HP
• Sample Shuttle Small (Furnace) – Capacity of 150ton or 150 ltr Diesel of 3HP
• Sample Small Furnace – (Run on LPG)
• Well–Equipped and Organized Lab for testing For checking the lead and cadmium


Along with being considered the epitome of quality and durability in international markets, The Royal Group of companies has established itself as an unchallenged leader of innovation and design. Company vows to keep going from strength to strength in exports with the best, most varied range of Decorative , Tabletop, Kitchenware & Bath ware items boasting of its availability in USA, Europe to the Middle East and from Asia to Africa, is a truly global company. Quality in the international business has a pragmatic interpretation as the noninferiority or superiority of something. It is defined as fitness for purpose.

Quality, especially for handmade products, is a very perceptual, conditional and subjective attribute. It may be understood differently by different people. Hence, quality control is a very important part of the business.

An independent Quality Assurance department ensures monitoring & controlling of product quality right from the very initial stages of production. The team of technically qualified professionals conduct regular quality checks at various manufacturing stages and ensures that each product meets the specified quality standards. The company’s strength lies in the repeated orders from the existing customers across the Globe, as this is possible only by maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction standards.

Our Achievements

Royal Expo has got a good reputation all over the World. We have received Prestigious Awards from recognized government authorities

Social Compliances

Our Organization has successfully implemented and audited for the following compliances:

Our Products Tested & Certified as per USA & Europe Regulation for :

  1. Lead & Cadmium free, Food Safe by Bureau Veritas for Cost Plus – USA
  2. Lead & Cadmium free by SGS for Pier One Imports – USA
  3. Leachable Lead & Cadmium as per European regulation (84/500/EEC)

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