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We are pleased to introduce our company under the name Royal Expo, Manufacturer & Exporter of ceramic with combination of wood & iron.

Since twenty three years we have been in this business to give you the best products of right quality at right time, right quantity and at right price. Our quest for excellence is prime criteria in all work i.e. rather than generating revenue to support and develop relationship which lead us to shape the handicraft industry continuously.

“We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

A.R. Khan, CEO - Royal Expo

Royal Expo - The Group

Royal Group of companies is one such company which began as a vision of the future and an adapting, ever-changing companion to every customer ever since and is now a trail-blazer for everyone to follow. Our company emphasizes on excellence in design, consistency in performance, precision in quality and commitment to durability. Royal Expo is in the business since twenty three years and was established with the aim of maintaining best quality and to be punctual & the unique designs in the Ceramic with combination of Wood & Iron. The commitment to quality enables the company to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Royal Expo itself has its big group of companies, which contains 5 companies in it, & those are:


Along with being considered the epitome of quality and durability in international markets, The Royal Group of companies has established itself as an unchallenged leader of innovation and design. Company vows to keep going from strength to strength in exports with the best, most varied range of Decorative, Tabletop, Kitchenware & Bath ware items boasting of its availability in USA, Europe to the Middle East and from Asia to Africa, is a truly global company. Quality in the international business has a pragmatic interpretation as the noninferiority or superiority of something. It is defined as fitness for purpose.

Our Best Selling Categories

Blue Pottery

The art of pottery is one of the oldest skills known to the Indians.
From ancient times, lumps of clay were molded by hand to form toys and
deities of worship. The advent of the potter’s wheel gave man the opportunity to make beautifully shaped pots for his personal use.
Over time, this craft evolved into various specialized categories like simple clay pottery, glazed pottery, terracotta pottery, blue pottery, paper‐thin pottery, etc., which are being practiced in various parts of India today. Blue pottery is different from other pottery because
it is the only pottery in the world that does not use
clay. The pottery has a distinct appearance.

Blue Pottery Product Range

The range of pots of different shapes and sizes for multiple uses to ashtrays, tiles, flower pots, lamp shades, jars, various accessories or interior items, etc.

Our Major Clients

Major Customer in United State of America 50%
Major Customer in Europe 35%
Customer in Australia 15%
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